Website build – webtrees

We can implement a family history website for you, using genealogy software named webtrees.  With this software you can create and change the content of your website without having to edit HTML or learn any other programming language. Read some online reviews of webtrees.

Webtrees is great for working with your relatives to keep your family tree up-to-date, registered users can propose updates and changes to the information on your website. You can either accept or reject these changes.  Also, privacy is very important and webtress includes built-in privacy settings so you can control the information about living people that visitors can view.  For more detailed information about shared research and security see the webtrees features.

A showcase of webtrees sites is available. Also a webtrees site implemented by Wizard Web Works can be seen here.

To implement a webtrees website for you, we offer these options: basic, advanced and complete.
Basic – initial price £200 – we will install the webtrees software using the supplied webtrees themes without any modification. After the first year there will be an annual fee of £60 for maintaining the website (i.e. installing updates to webtrees, backups of your website, etc). What’s included?

  • We implement the webtrees software on your webspace.
  • The cost includes an Emerald webspace plan and a .uk domain name (£5 extra per annum for a .com domain).
  • Take a weekly backup of your webtrees family history database (using this backup to restore your family tree data might incur an extra fee).

For advice on how to use the webtrees software and how to upload and configure gedcom data and media files, our knowledge base, the webtrees user forums and the webtrees wiki are available for help and assistance.

Advanced – initial price £250 then £65 per year maintenance fee. What’s included? Everything on the basic plan plus advice and assistance with uploading and configuring gedcom data and media files.

Complete – this includes everything in the advanced plan, plus we will take care of uploading and configuring your gedcom files, uploading your media files and linking to all relevant individuals and families, and entry of census data. Pricing for this service depends on the amount of data so please contact us for a quotation.

Payment options: we accept all credit and debit cards through the secure PayPal payment processing system. You do not need a PayPal account to use this payment method.

For all options, from the initial fee that you pay £10 will be donated to the webtrees developers (thereafter £5 from the annual fee). Apart from this donation, the webtrees software is free to use.