cPanel SEO Tools

If you’ve logged into your website’s cPanel account lately you might have noticed some new icons, as shown in this image:

SEO Tool icons
SEO Tool icons






These icons are for services provided by Attracta and are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools.

What do these do for you? Here is a summary:

Get in google – this service will create a sitemap of your website and submit it to the major search engines, google, bing etc. The sitemap will be automatically updated whenever you add a page to your website.
NB. The sitemap file is stored on Attracta servers and the robots.txt file in your cPanel account is automatically modified to point to it.
Google scorecard – a report promises to show you how google views your site so that you can optimise the site.
Broken links report – gives you a report of broken links on your site, search engines don’t like broken links and will sometimes penalise your site’s rating because of them.
Google map listing – this tool assists with getting your website listed on Google maps which can be important if your business relies on location.
Link Building Directory – Inbound links are a valuable source for SEO. Use this to get your site listed in a link building directory.

If you wish to use one of these tools, click the appropriate icon and then on the next screen select your domain and click Enable.

Will this actually help my SEO results. Not sure, certainly a lot of websites use this service. Some of these things can be done yourself, for example there are websites offering free sitemap creation and there is also a WordPress plugin for this. Most of the Google scorecard information can be obtained from the Google website.  If you choose to use these Attracta tools we make no promises on the result.

Support provides no guarantees related to this service. Attracta provides all customer support for these SEO tools. If you need support or have questions about Attracta, please contact Attracta using the following methods:
Select one of the SEO Tools in your Control Panel, then click on the Help tab